Customer satisfaction tracking using IVR

Happy customer

  • Drive business wide performance improvement
  • Drive a robust incentive scheme at agent level
  • Enable far deeper customer satisfaction measurement
  • Enable cross function access to insights
  • Achieve far greater value for money
  • Improve customer feedback experience

With business performance based research goals, our client needed a solution that would not only collect essential customer insights but that would also drive an incentive scheme robust enough to measure client satisfaction, at not just call centre, but agent level.

Requiring a research focus, the chosen solution would need to be driven by the research team, but accessible by all key business functions, for seamless insight dissemination and cohesive strategy development.

Finding that with traditional methodologies, budgets were falling short of successfully meeting the number of interview completes required - our client decided to explore alternative online and virtual interviewer based solutions.

Developed from a research standpoint, IVR Portal is a powerful end-to-end IVR based solution, offering excellent value for money when compared to traditional methodologies. Facts IVR Portal enabled our client to increase interview completes from 20k to more than 800k/a, but with zero increase to cost. Budget now allowed for robust base sizes for individual agents and so consequently reporting on satisfaction at agent level, was suddenly financially viable.

Tailored specifically to our client’s needs, IVR Portal boasts a powerful combination of API & IVR technology, designed to deliver real-time feedback. Combine this with the increased level of control resulting from complete system ownership and full integration with the client’s existing technology infrastructure and our client is able to escalate issues and respond to them in real-time.

Not only does our client benefit from far improved response speeds & real-time capability, but the customer also benefits, through an enhanced experience, resulting from far more relevant and timely call backs.

With capability to measure customer satisfaction scores at agent level, full integration with their databases, in addition to IVR Portal’s state-of-the-art interface and Reportal, and our client had all the necessary drivers to power their business critical incentive scheme.

Facts IVR Portal has provided an innovative and cost effective way for our client to achieve call volumes simply not viable using traditional methodologies. IVR Portal replaces physical interviewers with virtual alternatives; however the real-time benefits far outweigh the associated advantages of human interaction.

Customers are happier because calls are more relevant and are received immediately after agent interaction rather than several weeks on; hence customer service levels have soared.

For our client the adoption of IVR Portal ultimately means smarter spend, increased customer service, improved performance, happier shareholders and customers too – or win, win, win.