Customer satisfaction tracking using CATI

Happy customerIn partnership with another agency, Facts International conducts a customer satisfaction tracker for a well-known British building society. Each month c.10,500 x 5 minute interviews are completed with customers who’ve recently contacted the Building Society either in branch or over the phone, to gain feedback about their experience. A five point satisfaction scale is used, along with open ended questions to gain more insight into the score given. 800 quotas are set at branch and team level and Facts closely manages these quotas on a daily basis to ensure an even spread of interviews across the fieldwork month.

The client is provided with daily alerts of all verbatim comments allowing them to immediately action any issues that customers may have raised. Facts also has a strict procedure in place for handling and escalating any customer complaints to the Building Society within hours of when they occur.

Facts provide a fieldwork update three times a week including a full quota breakdown and results of all call outcomes and data is supplied monthly. Any data being sent or received is transferred using an ftp (File Transfer Protocol) server, which is password protected and secure.

Facts employs a dedicated Quality Control team who monitor live calls and recordings solely for this project. Due to the high-profile nature of the Building Society, a core team of interviewers work on this project after undergoing extensive training and briefing in customer handling and financial terminology. Facts project managers conduct regular media monitoring of the Building Society itself and communicate closely with the interviewing team so they are able to handle any customer queries regarding any recent issues. Facts also liaises closely with the client to investigate any customer queries surrounding the research, and full recordings of calls are available to the client if needed.

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