Hard to reach audience

C-Suite level respondents such as CEOs and Financial DirectorsThis project involved 20 minute CATI (computer aided telephone interviewing) surveys conducted among senior/C-Suite level respondents such as CEOs and Financial Directors of globally ambitious companies.

Facts International carried out the fieldwork on behalf of a global accountancy firm. The annual turnover of the companies interviewed was between $50m - $8bn. The topic of the survey was cross-border growth and the challenges and issues the companies have faced when expanding internationally. It was a 20 minute long structured in-depth interview.

Facts conducted 15 interviews in Canada, 18 in the Netherlands, 23 in the USA, 15 in the UK and 12 in Australia.

We used our most experienced business interviewers for the project, and from within our 24/7 communications centre we interviewed from 9am in Australia through to midnight to catch the end of the day in USA / Canada. Recordings of all the interviews were sent to the client upon completion.

The project was very challenging due to the senior level of the respondents and difficulties relating to appointment building. As an incentive respondents were offered a charity donation of 100 £/$/Euro to the charity of the respondent’s choice in return for their participation.

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