Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

At Facts International we offer a state-of-the-art, real-time IVR solution, that can be tailored to client organisations existing and new research requirements.

Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) diagram

Our IVR solution includes:

  • A fully managed and measurable customer insights collection solution
  • Response rates that are typically 30% higher than with traditional online methods
  • A customer friendly solution that minimises customer imposition
  • A simple to use, completely customisable agent/representative interface
  • A simple to use reportal with completely customisable dashboard
  • Standardisation of the survey experience
  • Rapid data collection & real-time insights
  • Choice of virtual interviewer voice
  • Audio recording of verbatim responses to electronic outputs
  • All verbatims transcribed within 24 hours
  • Use of standard telephone numbers to allow for proactive customer call-back
  • Enabler of full escalation process
  • The ability to listen in to calls

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This solution enables organisations to gain real-time feedback on the service they have provided. IVR messaging can be triggered automatically or driven at specific times to meet the circumstances of the experience being measured.